TM Products


TM International offers a wide variety of products, some that are offered across all of our divisions (temporary tattoos) and others that are specific to their division.


Bulk and Wholesale Temporary Tattoos
TMI’s Tattoo Manufacturing Division offers a wide range of temporary tattoo products in wholesale and bulk packaging.

Retail Brands
TMI has a variety of branded retail products that are available in both stock and custom designs.

Flat Vending Products
Tattoo Manufacturing, through its Vending Supply Division, designs and distributes products made to be distributed to consumers through “flat” vending machines.

Licensed Products
Licensing agreements give companies the right to create products using images, ideas or products owned or patented by other companies.  TMI holds a wide range of licensing agreements, which give it the legal authority to manufacture and distribute products owned or patented by other companies.

Promotional Products
Promotional products offer businesses a unique, high-impact mechanism to promote and advertise their brands, events or services in fun and inviting ways that attract customers.  In fact, promotional products enlist consumers themselves to expanding the reach of campaigns.

TMI’s in-house design team and on-site printing and packaging facilities make it possible to provide high-end, quality retail packaging for all of its products.