Promotional Products

TMI originally began as a promotional products company, a tradition it’s continued for 25 years.

Promotional products offer businesses a unique, high-impact mechanism to promote and advertise their brands, events or services in fun and inviting ways that attract customers.  In fact, promotional products enlist consumers themselves to expand the reach of campaigns.

Customized promotional products available through TMI include:

 • Temporary Tattoos
 • Scratch-and-Win Cards
 • Pocket Calendars
 • Tattootles Books
 • Magic Paint Watercolor Books and Sheets

TMI promotional products can be branded with a company’s logo, new product information, or business name.  Characters from a movie or television program, for example, lend themselves perfectly to temporary tattoos that customers want to receive and share.

The industries served by TMI’s promotional products include:

Health Care and Public Safety, including hospitals, medical offices, law enforcement agencies and fire and rescue departments.

Entertainment and Media, including movie theaters, movie and television production companies,  recreational centers like bowling alleys, golf courses and theme parks,

Sports, Schools and Clubs, including school athletic and music department booster clubs, local sports teams, summer camps, carnivals and fundraising events.

Food and Beverage, including restaurants and nightclubs, food manufacturers, beverage companies, and grocery stores.

Nonprofits and Charities, including awareness organizations, research organizations, and community support groups.


Promotional Products can be found on both the Tattoo Sales and on California Tattoos websites.