Retail Brands


Savvi is the premier retail brand for Tattoo Manufacturing.  Savvi’s products are available in all major retail stores across North America, and can also be found worldwide. Click here to view the full Savvi catalog. Many of our retail products can be found through our other divisions as well.

Wholesales Temporary Tattoos

Tattoo Brands

Savvi carries many branded temporary tattoo products, including Tattoo Mania and Glitter 4 Girls. These can be found at a variety of retail outlets, and many of our wholesales retail tattoo brands can be purchased on


Premium Stickers

Premium Stickers

Tattoo Manufacturing also offers a variety of premium sticker products, which are primarily sold through our Vending Supply division. Many of these include licensed stickers, such as Marvel Avengers, 1D and Disney Princess stickers.


Magic Art Scratchers

Magic Art Scratchers

Magic Art Scratchers feature designs that are layered with silver latex which, when scratched with a coin or special tool, reveal surprise designs and patterns.  Some designs feature areas which can then be colored as an activity.

Activity Kits include 10 Scratch Sheets, 1 Stylus, 25 Tattoos and 25 Stickers.


Magic Paint Posters

Magic Paint Posters & Paint Books

Magic Paint Sheets and Paint Books are watercolor activities that keep kids busy and using their imaginations.  Paint Sheets and Books are perfect for educational giveaways, restaurant placements, or a fun activity for children at any event.  Paint a masterpiece with water and a cotton swab – a magical experience.

Magic Paint Sheets and Book pages each come with a color palette.  Wiping the palette with a cotton swab or paintbrush dipped in water activates the colors used to illustrate the pages.

A variety of available designs include animals, dinosaurs, aliens, fire safety, sports, super heroes, and many more.

Themed activity sheets are nontoxic and will provide hours of fun for children.

Paint Sheets are available in a variety of in-stock or custom designs:

• Small (5.625” x 7.125”)
• Regular (8.5 x 11”)
• Standard (8.75 x 12”)
• Jumbo (11.75 x 14.5)

Paint Books contain 12 or 16 pages and are available in two sizes. Covers and the sheets themselves can be customized.

• Small (12 pages, 5.625” x 7.125”)
• Large (16 pages, 8.5” x 11”

Paint Kits contain 18 Magic Paint Posters, 25 tattoos, 25 stickers and one paintbrush.




ColorUps Coloring Posters are activity products that feature raised textures to facilitate coloring with markers, which are included in the sets.

ColorUps are available in traditional themes, with and without glitter, and come in an assortment of sizes.

• Jumbo Assortment (14” x 20”)
• Large Assortment (10” x 14”)
• Small Assortment (7” x 10”)
• Mega Art Packs


Fashion Skinz

Fashion Skinz

Fashion Skinz are removable, reusable fabric fashion decals that can be used to decorate clothes, shoes and accessories.

They are available in three design collections:

 • Pink Collection
 • Hippie Chic Collection
 • Petals & Wings Collection

Each collection is available in one of three types of kits:

 • Fashion Skinz Hair Accessories
 • Fashion Skinz Designer Jewelry
 • Fashion Skinz Designer Activity


Skin Couture

Skin Couture

Skin Couture is designer body art that is hand-drawn by professional tattoo artists. Created as sophisticated, commitment-free body art , Skin Couture is designed to help fashion-forward women express their unique style.

Skin Couture designs can glamorize any event: a pool party, happy hour, bachelorette party, summer vacation, girls’ night out, birthday bash…where will you wear your Skin Couture?

All Skin Couture products are designed and produced in the USA, are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, use FDA-certified colorants and exceed US, Canadian and EU safety standards.

Skin Couture is produced by Savvi.