Magic Paint Sheets & Books

Magic Paint Sheets and Paint Books are watercolor activities that keep kids busy and using their imaginations.  Paint Sheets and Books are perfect for educational giveaways, restaurant placements, or a fun activity for children at any event.  Paint a masterpiece with just water and a cotton swab!

Magic Paint Sheets and Book pages each come with a color palette.  Wiping the palette with a cotton swab or paintbrush dipped in water activates the colors used to illustrate the pages.

A variety of available designs include animals, dinosaurs, aliens, fire safety, sports, super heroes, and many more.

Themed activity sheets are non-toxic and will provide hours of fun for children.

Paint Sheets are available in a variety of in-stock or custom designs:

 • Small (5.625” x 7.125”)
 • Regular (8.5 x 11”)
 • Standard (8.75 x 12”)
 • Jumbo (11.75 x 14.5)

Paint Books contain 12 or 16 pages and are available in two sizes. Covers and the sheets themselves can be customized.

 • Small (12 pages, 5.625” x 7.125”)
 • Large (16 pages,  8.5” x 11”

Paint Kits contain 18 Magic Paint Posters, 25 tattoos, 25 stickers and one paintbrush.