TM International Continues to Go Green in 2014

TM International has started new initiatives this year to create a sustainable workplace.   

TUCSON, AZ – April 22, 2014Tattoo Manufacturing International (TMI) has entered 2014 with an even greater emphasis to cut down on waste and increase eco-friendly solutions around the workplace.  There has been a heavy focus in the past two years to reduce the carbon footprint of the company. TMI has successfully eliminated many different types of waste, including a waterless development system for printing plates that eliminates many chemicals and uses much less water.

A new recycling program was put into place in 2014 to recycle printing waste, printing plates, corrugate, aluminum and paper waste in the manufacturing plant as well as in company headquarters. This initiative includes the addition of a large compactor on-site to increase the amount of paper materials that can be recycled. A company initiative in 2014 includes looking for green alternative to cleaning materials.

In addition to the company-wide recycling program, all employees were challenged to set green resolutions for a more sustainable 2014. Some of these resolutions include:

  • Buy less bottled water: Invest in an eco-friendly reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste. You can also purchase a filter for the tap water if you are wary of water from the tap.


  • Stick with reusable shopping bags: While plastic bags can be recycled in theory, only 1% makes it to the recycling process in the U. S.  Store reusable bags in your car, that way you’re less likely to forget them on your next trip to the store.


  • Reduce Paper Waste:  At this point, we know the importance of recycling paper products but we should also be proactive in reducing our demand.  By opting out of paper bills and subscribing to digital magazines and newspapers instead of paper ones; we can cut down on our individual paper waste. Using reusable plates and cups instead of paper can also have a major impact.


TMI is proud to be reducing waste, cutting down on demand, and helping to contribute to sustainable business practices.  This earth day, TM International wants to extend the challenge to others to make small changes in your life that can have a huge impact on the environment.


About Tattoo Manufacturing International
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